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Franklin C. Baer, MHS-TM, DrPH
Primary Health Care Systems Management

My international health career spans 35 years of designing, managing, and evaluating primary health care programs. In 1976, I helped create one of the first FBO-managed decentralized health zones in Zaire (now DR Congo). From 1982-1991, I was project manager for the SANRU I/II Basic Rural Health projects which helped to develop 100 of Congo’s health zones. Many of those health zones are co-managed by Catholic and Protestant Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs).

 Upon leaving Zaire in 1991, I began working as an independent consultant with a variety of donors, centrally-funded projects, Ministries of Health, FBOs, and PVOs. I have worked in thirty countries, mostly in Africa. I am particularly interested in assignments that involve consensus-building, integrated design, decentralization, and participatory evaluation of primary health care systems that are managed (or co-managed) in collaboration with FBO networks and NGOs.

 My assignments recently have dealt with the post-conflict rebuilding of health systems of Liberia and DR Congo. In Liberia, was the key advisor to the MOHSW to develop/implement their National Health Plan (2007-11), and am now assisting with the design of their 10 year plan (2011-21). In DR Congo, I serve as the senior consultant advisor to IMA World Health and the Protestant Church of Congo Medical Office for their SANRU Program partnership which includes projects funded by USAID, World Bank, GAVI and Global Fund. I was also the primary consultant to the World Bank for the health component design of their PMURR program (Multi-sector Emergency Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program) in DR Congo.

 I am also an avid Webmaster. I believe that the Internet can be a useful tool to provide access to resources for international health and primary health care. To this end, I have created a network of websites to encourage Thinking, Working and Living More Creatively.

I.          EDUCATION:

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), May 1982:  Intl Health and MCH; Tulane SPH&TM.

Masters of Health Science in Tropical Medicine (MHS-TM), May 1976: Johns Hopkins SH&PH.

Diploma, July 1973: Tropical medicine, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium.

Bachelor of Arts, May 1972: Biology and Natural Sciences, Goshen College, Goshen, IN.


Delta Omega Honor Society, member since 1982.

National Council of International Health (NCIH): member since 1983.

American Public Health Association (APHA): member, 1997-1998.

Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH): board member (1992-98); Secretary (1997-98); Webmaster (1997-2008); editor of "The CCIH Forum" (1997-2001).




India:               Midterm Evaluation of the Parivartan Child Survival Project (CRWRC, Aug 10)

Bangladesh:    Midterm & Final Evaluation of a Child Survival Project (CRWRC, Jul 07& Jun 09)

DR Congo:      Final Evaluation of the SANRU III project (for IMA Feb 06)

Malawi:           Tiweko Test Child Survival Project (MTE & FE for World Relief, Aug 02, 04)

Uganda:          Community-Based IMCI Child Survival (MTE Africare, Sep 01)

Mozambique:  Nacala-a-Velha Child Survival (Save the Children, Aug 00)

Haiti:               RICHES 2000 Child Survival (CARE, July 00)

Malawi:           CHAPS: Child Health Partnerships Project (Save the Children, Apr 00)

Mozambique: Vurhonga Child Survival Project in Mozambique (World Relief, Sep 97; Aug 99)

Mali:                Community Health Project at Goundam (Africare, Jul 99)

Zambia:           Gwembe Valley Child Survival Project in Zambia (World Vision, Sep 99)

Nigeria:           Ogbomoso South Child Survival Project (World Vision, Sep 96)

Egypt:              USAID-funded Child Survival Project (POPTECH (Apr-May 96)

Senegal:           Thies Child Survival Project Mekhe Health District (World Vision, Aug 93)

Malawi:           Promoting Health Interventions for Child Survival (PHICS) (RTI, Nov 93)

Haiti:               Voluntary Agencies for Child Survival (VACS project (USAID, Jan-Feb 93)

CSSP:              Proposal reviewer for the PVO Child Survival Support Project (Jan 95, Jan 96).


B.                 EVALUATIONS (OTHER):

Haiti:               Final evaluation of the MSPP-IDA project in Haiti (World Bank, Jun-Oct 99).

Mozambique:   Manica Oil Seed and Food Security Initiative (Africare, Feb 99).

Togo:               NGO Capacity to Manage Child Survival Projects in Togo (USAID, Oct 93)

Cameroon:       Final evaluation Tulane's ten year Schistosomiasis project (USAID, May 93)



Liberia             Assistance to MOH in preparing its 10 year health plan: 2011-21 (JSI, Feb-Jun 11)

Liberia             Assessment of Policy/Planning for a national ten-year health plan (JSI, Jul 10)

SSudan            Mapping of Health Facilities for GOSS & OFDA (BASICS, Nov-Dec, 07)

Tanzania          Mapping of Health Facilities for CSSC (IMAWH, periodic during 2007)

Liberia:            Develop and facilitate a county health planning process (OFDA, Jun, Sep 07)

Liberia:            Develop the National Health Policy & Plan (USAID, Aug. 06-present)

DR Congo:      Feasibility assessment for an umbrella NGO health project (USAID, Jun 00)

Jordan:            Management Needs Assessment to improve quality of PHC (Nov 99, Jan. 00)

World Bank    "NGOs and Women's Health Services in Haiti: 3 Case Studies," (Jun, 99)

SAVE:            "Strengthening Decentralized Health Systems," (Save the Children,  Jul 96)

The Gambia:    Health Sector Studies to reinforce District Management Teams (MCDI, Jul 95).

Ghana:             Review of the Universal Immunization Program (UNICEF, Nov 94)

Ivory Coast:    Review of the Universal Immunization Program (UNICEF, Dec 94)

USAID/W       "Health Systems Strengthening in West and Central Africa," (AED (Aug 94)

Cameroon:       Assessment of USAID/Cameroon's Health and Pop. Projects (USAID, 87-94)

Burundi:          Health Sector Assessment (USAID, Jan 92)



DRCongo:       Design of ECC SANRU Global Fund Round 8 & 10: Malaria & HIV (IMA, Apr 11)

DRCongo:       Final Report writing of IMA’s Project AXxes (IMA, Jan 11)

Haiti:               Design of integrated approach for HSS with FBOs in Haiti (IMA, Mar-Apr 10)

SSudan            Planning for SuddHealth project in two States (IMA, Nov 09)

DRCongo:       Design of PARSS Elargi project (MOH/WB, Aug. 2009.

DR Congo:      Sexual GBV Proposal development (IMA, Jun 09 & Jan 10)

Liberia:            Implementation of the National Health Plan (BASICS, Jan. 07- Sep 09)

Haiti:               Startup of Neglected Tropical Diseases project, (IMAWH, Oct 07-Mar 08)

DR Congo:      Facilitator for startup workshop for AXxes project (IMA/ECC, Nov. 06)

Liberia:            Lead design team for Liberia’s National Health Plan (USAID, Oct-Dec, 06)

FBOs:              TA to 4 CHAs in UG, TZ, MW & KE to finalize ACCESS proposals (Jun 06)

Tanzania:         TZ FBO Mapping with CSSC (Christian Social Services Commission) (Mar 06)

Global:            Partner Leadership Group member for the CAPACITY project (04-06)

S. Sudan:         Resource Person to USAID’s “Humanitarian to Development Workshop (Feb 05)

Haiti:               Strategic Planning workshop facilitator to Hospital Albert Schweitzer (Jan. 03)

DRCongo:       Design Emergency Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Program (W. Bank, Feb. 02, Sep 03)

DRCongo:       SANRU III design and implementation (I.M.A./ECC/USAID, Jun 00 to present)

Haiti:               Reassessment of the IDB-MSPP Decentralization project (IDB, Aug, 02)

DRCongo:       Public Expenditures Review: Health Component (World Bank, June-July 02)

Mozambique:  Vurhonga II DIP preparation (World Relief, Jan/Feb 01)

DR Congo:      SANRU III Phase 1 proposal development (I.M.A., Aug 00, Dec 00)

Congo:            SANRU III feasibility assessment (Tulane & USAID, Jun 00)

Benin:              Develop PROSAF's Monitoring and Evaluation System (URC, Feb 00)

Haiti:               Reorganization of the National Health System project design (IDB, 96-98)

Madagascar:    Consensus workshop urban district planning (Care, Feb-Mar 98)

C.A.R.:            Consensus workshop for health system decentralization (World Bank, Nov 95)

Malawi:           Community Health Partnerships (CHAPS) Pre-Design (BASICS, Feb 95)

Niger:              Population and Health Services Project (PHSP) design (Aug-Oct 94)

Niger:              Consensus workshop for an integrated MCH project (USAID, Jun 94)

Malawi:           Redesign of USAID's Child Survival project (PHICS) (Feb 94)

Cameroon:       Project Design for SESA II PHC project (JSI/USAID, Oct-Dec 92)


DR Congo:      Senior Advisor to ECC for GAVI OSC (ECC, May 08 to present)

DR Congo:      Senior Advisor for Project AXxes (I.M.A., Oct 06 to present)

DR Congo:      Senior Advisor for SANRU III Project (I.M.A./ECC, Aug 00 to Sep 06)

Haiti:               Reorganization of the National Health System (IAD, Aug 98-Jan 99)

Zambia:           Environmental Health Planning in Kitwe, Zambia (EHP, Feb 97-Mar 99)

Zaire:               SANRU Basic Rural Health project manager (1981-91)

Zaire:               Administrator of the rural health zone of Vanga, (MCC, 76-79)


Liberia:            "Partnership Coordination" Module (MOHSW/BASICS, Jun 09)

Management:  “Leadership and Management” (Global Health Action, annually since 2000)

NGOs:             "The Role of NGOs in International Health" (Tulane, Aug 98)

PHC:               "Planning and Management of Decentralized PHC Systems" (Tulane, 93-97)



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